How To Build Product Culture For Your Company, Ho Chi Minh City, Thứ tư, 18. Tháng chín 2019

Join us at Product School first event in Vietnam! Topic: How To Build Product Culture For Your Company with Holistics Co-founder & CTO Who should attend? No matter your job title, if you work in product and want to improve your skills, this event is for you.
Meet the Speaker: Huy Nguyen

Huy Nguyen is a co-founder and CTO of Holistics, providing data infrastructure and business intelligence (BI) services for B2B customers. The company has more than 60 customers in 16 countries, mostly from South East Asia, including Grab and Traveloka. In addition, Huy also co-founded Grokking Vietnam – a not-for-profit organization that supports Vietnamese IT programmers and engineers. Grokking has facilitated more than 20 workshops with industry experts and engineers. Huy did his internship at Facebook (2011), and was a head of data infrastructure engineering at Viki, a startup company later acquired by Rakuten Group (Japan). Huy graduated with honors in computer science from National University of Singapore (NUS)
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How To Build Product Culture For Your Company

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