LEDTEC ASIA 2020 - The 9th Vietnam Int'l LED/OLED & Digital Signage, SECC, Thứ tư, 22. Tháng tư 2020

The ​only professional trade fair in Vietnam entirely dedicated to the LED/OLED and lighting market: The Vietnamese representative trade show of the LED/OLED and efficient lighting industry, LEDTEC ASIA 2019 focuses on each integral part of LED production-from manufacturing to the final product, covering with significant potential of growth.
Participation of the multinational corporations and leading local companies: This is the leading platform for the lighting industry to showcase the latest materials, technologies, and products. To dominate the prime position of new investments and business opportunities, global major LED manufactures started joining LEDTEC ASIA to penetrate the Vietnam market and cover the explosion of the lighting demand.
Bridging between famous LED/OLED and lighting manufacturers & potential local & neighboring countries' buyers: Establish new emerging market(CMLV) and international opportunity through face-to-face networking with qualified buyers. Secretariat will introduce key buyers from the regional construction market and governmental personnel who work for local energy-saving policies.

LEDTEC ASIA 2020 - The 9th Vietnam Int'l LED/OLED & Digital Signage

Năng Động Cùng Sneaker

Năng Động Cùng Sneaker

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Hội Trao Đổi " Like Fanpage "

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