Solar Energy Market and Technology Vietnam 2019, Ho Chi Minh City, Thứ năm, 07. Tháng mười một 2019

Enjoying 1,600-2,700 sunlight hours per year and an average direct normal irradiance of 4-5 kWh per sqm per day, Vietnam is ideally located to develop its abundant solar energy. Since 2017’s incentive plans, Vietnam has successfully attracted 20 GW of large-scale solar developments in the pipeline, making it one of the hottest spots of solar investment. With the first round FiT scheme terminated in June, how will the dynamics of this market change and what are you expecting to see in the coming round? With so many large scale solar pv plants coming online in the coming years, how to protect asset value and achieve optimized yields that are critical challenges to project owners? Will roof top solar, floating solar, or even solar + storage play a key role in the next round, and who are the most active players across the value chain? What are the key technologies delivering the best ROI and improved LCOE?   

Taking place on 08-09 November in Ho Chi Minh city, the SEMT2019 is going to discuss in depth the most concerned topics with regards to the next phase of solar energy market development in Vietnam and emerging trends. Joined by policy makers, power utilities, end users, leading project owners, developers, EPCs, financial institutions, and consultancies, this forum is going to discuss the following key themes:

The post 1st round FiT market analysis and impact thus far;
 New project pipeline and key players
Project financing and de-risking;
Secondary market outlook for solar asset management;
Roof top solar, hybrid solar and floating solar as new spotlight of investment;
New technologies in module, interver, and system development;
EPC engineering, asset management, O&M, performance optimization;

Invited companies and organizations include:
MoIT, Ministry of Finance, ERAV
Power utilities:
Leading Solar Energy IPPs:
Scatec Solar, Limes Renewable Energy, B. Grimm Power, Gulf Group, AC Energy, BIM Energy, TTC Group, Sao Mai Group, Sunseap International, Helio Power, ACWA Power, Bitexco Group, Pacifico Energy
Investors and Financiers:
Bamboo Capital, VinaCapital, InfracoAsia, Xuan Thien Company, JAKS Resources Bhd, HSBC Vietnam, ING, Standard Chartered, SMBC, Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam, HD Bank, etc
Solar Equipment Distributors
If you are interested to share your best practice, experience, vision and solutions to the Vietnam solar energy leaders and develop new leads, this is the right place you should come.
We look forward to seeing you in November.
SEMTF2019 Team

Solar Energy Market and Technology Vietnam 2019

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