Training from the Back of the Room with Shane Hastie [Paid training], Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon, Thứ năm, 05. Tháng mười hai 2019

Make your training classes engaging and ensure the learning sticks!

Drawing on Sharon Bowman’s best-selling books Training from the BACK of the Room and Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick, this two-day course explores how the human brain really learns, which is very different from traditional assumptions about this class to experience the most current “cognitive neuroscience” about effective the two days, you will experience and learn:● Content-independent, brain-based interactive strategies. You will be able to use them right away with any topic and any curriculum (even the most technical, dry, or boring subjects).● Learning activities. All the learning activities that you’ll collect during the class are 1- to 5-minutes in length, which means that they’re really easy to insert into any class, even the content-heavy ones.● Brain-science principles. You’ll experience everything you’ll be learning about, including all the brain science principles that make learner-centered, brain-based instruction so successful and exciting.● How to design your own classes. You’ll design one of your own classes or training programs, using your own topic, your trainer’s toolkit strategies, and the instructional design model called “The 4Cs Map.” And you’ll receive peer feedback to help you polish what you’ve designed.● Resources. The class provides 2 books and 1 workbook, a trainer’s toolkit full of strategies you can use immediately, the 4Cs Map, innovative and interactive ways to use PowerPoint, fun learning aids; and dozens of other digital resources to enhance your own teaching and training from the Back of the Room (TBR) is the favorite train-the-trainer resource of Scrum and Agile coaches and trainers around the out more about Training from the Back of the Room and how it has been applied to agile training here  hear what past TBR participants have said about the class and what they learned, listen to the short interesting podcast here:“Training from the BACK of the Room Podcast” Contributed by Vic Bonacci 

Your instructor: Shane Hastie
Shane Hastie is the Director of Agile Learning Programs at ICAgile. He has oversight in the strategic direction and expansion of ICAgile’s learning programs, including maintaining and extending ICAgile’s learning objectives, providing thought leadership and collaborating with industry experts, and supporting the larger ICAgile community, which includes more than 110 Member Organizations and over 80,000 ICAgile certification holders.
Over the last 30+ years, Shane has been a practitioner and leader of developers, testers, trainers, project managers, and business analysts, helping teams to deliver results that align with overall business objectives. He spent 15 years as a professional trainer and consultant specializing in Agile practices, business analysis, project management, requirements, testing and methodologies for SoftEd in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.
Shane received his “Certified Trainer” designation for Training From the Back of the Room class after successfully completing Sharon Bowman’s training.
The price includes meals and refreshments, course workbook and a copy of both of Sharon Bowman’s books Training from the BACK of the Room and Using Brain Science to Make Training Offer for ICAgile Member Organisations

Regular - USD 1,200
Early Bird (20% Off) - USD 960 before 30 October
Super Early Bird (25% Off) - USD 900 only 8 seats available
IC Agile Instructors (50% Off) - USD 600

Training from the Back of the Room with Shane Hastie [Paid training]

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