US IT MISSION TO VIETNAM, Quang Trung Software City, Thứ ba, 22. Tháng mười 2019

The Mission to Vietnam provides its participants with opportunities to:
Ø Outsource IT/software development services to Vietnam.
Ø  Outsource various products made in Vietnam, especially agricultural, seafood, furniture, garment, footwear products.  
Ø  Identify potential buyers/partners for American products/services.
Ø  Participation in the  bi-annual Vietnam IT Conference ()
Ø  ”Vietnam Software Industry: Growth and Insight” ; “International Cooperation in IT projects in Vietnam: Case Studies” , “Smart Village Project”; R&D Labs in Vietnam.
Ø  Networking meetings with Vietnamese and international executives.
Ø  Individual company visits in Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi. 
Ø  Follow up services after the mission was concluded.
Vietnam offers many advantages for international IT buyers. These advantages include:

A Large and Growing Talent Pool

Established and Experienced Service Providers

Political Stability and Government Support

A Great Geographic Location

Strong Investment in Tech Talent

Top Rankings in Global Outsourcing Studies

Low Attrition and Exceptional Value for Talent

A Growing Global Tech Hub with Rising Domestic Demand

ORGANIZER:                   Vietnam IT Development Group -
             SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS:           
The Silicon Valley Forum ()
The Monterey Bay International Trade Association ()
The Quang Trung Software City, HCM City, Vietnam ()
The Investment Trade Promotion Center of HCM City ()



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